ayudaMail overview

ayudaMail offers you the ability to send your email communications, such as monthly e-newsletters, email promotions or news updates to your subscriber database in a timely and efficient manner.

You can personalise your emails, track who opened them, find out which emails bounced and allow people to unsubscribe from your list automatically.

ayudaMail features include:

  • Ability to send out both HTML and plain text emails
  • Ability to send email attachments
  • Ability to personalise your emails, eg: Hi Peter, ...
  • Ability to track which recipients opened the email
  • Ability to track which recipients clicked on links in your email (click-through tracking)
  • Ability to remove duplicates from your distribution list
  • Ability to send your email immediately, schedule it for sending at a particular time, or after a given delay.
  • Ability to handle very large distribution lists (over 100,000 emails)
  • Ability to unsubscribe from the list

If you would like to know more about ayudaMail please contact ayuda IT.

ayudaMail pricing

The pricing for an email send is given in the table below:

  Cost per email
The first 50,000 emails 1 cent
Above 50,000 emails Contact us to negotiate a better rate

We send

When ayudaMail sends out the email campaign on your behalf, there is a specific process that we go through to ensure a successful send.

  • Prepare campaign in the ayudaMail system
  • Upload email templates and distribution lists
  • Test the email in different web browsers (Firefox, IE, etc.) and operating systems, (Windows, Mac, etc.)
  • Send out test round
  • Send out live round with approval

There is no monthly fee if ayudaMail sends the campaign, only a $250 fee for the process listed above.

You send

If you would like to prepare, test and send your email campaigns yourself, there is a monthly fee of $50. Contact ayuda IT to obtain your login details to the ayudaMail system.

ayudaMail contact info

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